Hi — I'm Dan (he/him). I'm a product manager based out of New York City. I believe the best companies never lose sight of the user, while making sure they build an enduring business so they never have to disappoint them.

I'm currently the Head of Product at TravelJoy, where we build delightful, simple tools for travel entrepreneurs.

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  • TravelJoy — Head of Product, 2020–present
  • CBRE Build (formerly Floored) — Senior Product Manager, 2018–2020
  • Yext — Product Manager, 2016–2018
  • Microsoft — Program Manager, 2010–2012

I also hold a BS in Computer Science from the University of Virginia, and am a proud graduate of TJHSST.

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If you're local to NYC and looking into product management (or other roles in tech companies) as your next career step, I'd be happy to grab coffee, give you my perspective on the industry, and discuss how your interests and strengths can find a great home. Understanding where your heart lies is key — everything else follows.

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I've read, reread, or linked these articles to friends and colleagues countless times. They're here in no particular order:

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